Self care:Stage two

It doesn’t get much better than a new pair of glasses, wait how about  two new pairs of glasses and four cases of contacts?

Last week I went and ordered myself two new frames, one of which is way out of my comfort zone but I seem to be getting the most compliments for! I didn’t really wear contacts while I was pregnant because the shape of my eyes changed, I’ve been rocking the one pair I had left for special occasions (like when I needed to wear my catcher’s mask) so I’m super excited to get back to it. 
It’s not that I don’t feel attractive in my glasses I just want to be able to watch a 3D movie without feeling like a weirdo. 

So thanks Clearly Contacts for hooking me up with everything for less that $275 (which is what my medical plan covers). 

So without further ado….



Self care

I’ve decided that in order to be a better mom I need to start taking better of myself. So I told Paul for Christmas I wanted to buy myself some new make up. The lip gloss I currently use I bought on my wedding day…over 5 years ago. Needless to say I was due. But considering my make up usage isn’t really high I couldn’t justify buying really expensive products until I knew I would use it. 

After a little looking around I discovered the ELF line on, I was able to go through ebates, and had a $10 off coupon and I went to town. 

It arrived today and I couldn’t wait to dig in! I’ve led a pretty lucky life that I’ve never needed to wear that much make up; even when I was a server and whooing my husband 11 years ago. I watched a few make up videos on YouTube and tried my hand. I’m clearly pretty light-handed and will need some more practice but I’m pleased with it. 

So the products I purchased:

 And your classic before and after shot with full disgusted facial expressions. 

I do have my own mascara and eye liner, and I’m very excited to try my Younique lipstick. So here’s to taking care of yourself!

Mo time mo crafts 

Some more additions to the box I sent down to my mom’s community craft sale…

Some bib bandanas and infinity scarves. 

It’s been a busy day of sewing and cleaning. So I’m not going to write much more…


This still counts, I’m still in NaBloPoMo…


Thank goodness for grandparents. Everyone needs a break, everyone deserves a break. Today that break was given to me by my parents. 

I, of course decided to spend that time sewing and crafting…. Because I of course decided to make us all making pjamma pants, Christmas sweaters, and crafts for a local sale.  

There is this awesome store here in the city called Patch where you can rent a serger by the hour. I only have a normal old sewing machine at home but after two hours in this shop I might need to buy my own. I still have a little more sewing to finish off tomorrow, so you’ll have to stay tuned for pictures of the finished product. 

Also I’ve been doing a little painting as seen in some of my previous posts. I’ve been using a combo of small testers from Home Depot and Vaseline in order to get a distressed look. 

I’m super happy with how they turned out. 

Christmas present for Daddy

As I’ve said before I’m attempting to make some Christmas gifts this year to be a little more practical. Pinterest has been my best friend for inspiration and when I found this I knew it was perfect for him. 

 So I found the superhero fonts, made up my own version and sent it off to staples.
I had some of the paint already from previous projects and got a 16 by 20 canvas from Dollerama for $3. 

 Grabbed some carbon paper from Staples as well and we were good to go!

Now I will say the carbon paper did leave some smudges on the canvas, I’m a lefty so that pretty much always happens. I haven’t attempted to try and get rid of them yet, and if they don’t come off I’m not horribly upset. It’s handmade it doesn’t need to be perfect. 

So after tracing around the words I began the slow process of hand painting everything. 

At the end I didn’t like how the edges of the superhero names weren’t crisp so I took a fine tip permenant marker and outlined them. I’m super happy with how it turned out!

All that’s left is to mod-podge pictures of the boys from Halloween on the edges and it’ll be perfect for his office. 

We did something cool today!

Almost missed the deadline today! But we met up with some friends to go for a little stroll at a local park. I’ve been there once before on a baby wearing walk but today I was introduced to these awesome bird feeders along the trail that if you held your hand out with seed birds would land in your hand.    
 Pretty awesome. 

The double jogger stroller I bought is so far money well spent, the kids took turns in it, and it kept them snug and warm. 

All and all it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, get out there and enjoy it. 


This is my husband… 11/11

Now this picture is over 5 years old, he’s changed over the years (as we all have) but what hasn’t changed is he is still an active member of the Canadian Navy. It’s been over 10 years, before we went submarines we did a stint in the surface fleet, a couple deployments, two postings, and many, many, many sails for training that have kept him from home. He’s seen many different areas of the world, countless missions, tons of adventures. 

And one thing remains, the sacrifice; the precious moments away from us; missed birthdays, holidays, anniversaries. 

We live in a circle of friends who all serve, back in university our lives intertwined, all different facets of the military. Now we all live in various bases spread out along Canada and the USA. We’ve all taken part in various missions, we’ve all sacrificed. 

Have you noticed that I keep saying the we? No I am not a member of the armed forces, but I am part of it. Their sacrifices are our sacrifices. So while we take a moment to remember the past, remember the future. Be thankful, be proud, remember.